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Whitefriars College seeking Communications Officer 

Whitefriars College, a Catholic school in the Carmelite spirit and tradition, is a faith community wherein all members, and especially students,'Gradually learn to open themselves to life as it is, and to create in themselves a definite attitude to life as it should be.'(The Catholic School, n31) The words of Jesus, 'I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.'(John 10:10) and ‘As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you.’ (John 15:9)provide the basis for all that we do. 

This role description is written in light of the Mission Statement of the College, whereby the College ‘reflects the tradition of the Carmelites who actively seek to live in God’s presence by walking in the way of Jesus Christ’, ‘aims to empower young men to live with integrity through experiences of community and prayer and a sensitivity to justice’and ‘assists them to take their place in society as valued individuals, alive with the wisdom of the Gospel.’ 

Whitefriars College is a Child Safe School. 

Whitefriars College provides employees, volunteers and clergy with regular and appropriate opportunities to develop their knowledge of, openness to and ability to address child safety matters. This includes induction, ongoing training and professional learning to ensure that everyone understands and is compliant in their professional and legal obligations and responsibilities, and the procedures for reporting suspicion of child abuse and neglect. 

Position Description 

The Communications Officer will primarily provide communications across a range of internal and external communications and publications. This Communications Officer will be a strong communicator with the ability to deliver messages across a range of channels. This position works as part of the Development and Enrolment Team. 

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